Waiting on God’s Promises

I haven’t written for many months (not since April) and here we are on the cusp of a new year and I’m back to share this word that came to me as I was praying. I felt it was as much for me, as it is for others.

Firstly, I just wanted to say, for me, in short this year has been about being anchored to the Lord’s promises and obedient to his word. For example, for me, key words this year have been: keep moving forward, stay committed to where you are, keep going even when faced with difficulties or even death. To say the least, I have kept to these words. I was even faced with many difficulties from toxicity in the work place to death in the family – not just once but twice. We lost my Great Aunt and my own Grandfather, both a few months apart from the one another. Add in Covid-19 restrictions and border closures, it made travel interstate very difficult to attend their funerals and support family. This alone, isn’t new news, as I am sure it’s the story of many affected by the pandemic and my heart aches for all those who have experienced something similar.

I wish I could tell you how at this time, I bunkered down in prayer and sought the Lord and His word. But the truth is, between managing work, parenting, home duties and grief. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Too exhausted to pray. To exhausted to ask for words of encouragement or strength or healing.

But, having said that, the Lord is faithful and knows our needs and will meet us exactly where we are. I found all that I needed came through others means, yet I know it came from the same source. I have a Bible app with daily devotionals and around the time my grandfather passed – the devotional words spoke into that. It was small but it was just what I needed – it was enough encouragement and injection of strength to keep going. I’m sure Holy Spirit led me to words of encouragement and spoke through friends at the time – however, it has been a fairly intense year I can’t recall yet I’m certain it did happen. I guess my point is, the Lord is faithful to us and will meet us exactly where we’re at. And I love every ounce of that. There’s freedom in that too. It’s knowing we’re not bound by traditions and nor does it make us any more or less of a Christian if for a moment we fall away from our normal ways of connecting with the Lord. But what matters, is we keep showing up and acknowledging the work of God when and where we can. Some moments we will have great strength, faith and a prayer life that is unshakable, where Jesus will be the first one we turn to. Other times, we will be shaken and exhausted by life and struggle to turn to Jesus first. And in these instances, well, firstly God is always with us and won’t let us go. And it’s in those moments, Jesus will be the first to turn to us through the Holy Spirit. He’ll meet us exactly where we’re at to give us exactly what we need in that moment. We won’t be forgotten or foresaken. Thank you Jesus!

I’m so thankful and grateful for His faithfulness to me, even when I am shaken by life. He still shows up and holds me up and steadies me, even as the world may still continue to shake. He is so great and worthy of all praise, honour and glory. The King 👑 of king’s. The King of my heart, my first love…

… To say the least, the Holy Spirit has taken over these words as I had no intention of writing any of the above as I simply wanted to share the word that was written during prayer… this was meant to be more on the promises of the Lord. Throughout the year, I have been asking – “where are these promises of yours that have been spoken over my life? Where are they?” Well, essentially, they’re still assigned to my life I just need to keep holding onto them and moving forward and trusting in order to reach them. (And let’s just say, patience is a virtue that I am still learning to master.) So, without further ado here it is….

“…You know of what is yet to come. Hang onto those words and promises and know it will happen. It may not happen in your timeframe, but it will happen sooner than you may anticipate. You know what you must do. Wait – yet keep moving forward. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change that.

“Wait on the Lord. Wait on the Lord’s timing – not your own. Don’t take the reins into your own hands because you feel the pressure of time. Be patient my love, wait before you act. For this time requires you to respond – meaning proceed with caution, to think things through before responding. Respond with a calm and peace filled heart. However, do not stall or stop where you are – nor become stuck. Keep moving forward – continue on, as you are and have been. And remember the promises that are yet to unfold. If it has been said and it hasn’t happened yet, it will still happen. Trust and hold onto those promises. Remind yourself of those promises and keep moving forward. Keep moving forward.”

I don’t know the promises spoken over your life but I hope the Holy Spirit will lead and remind you of those promises. May you hang onto them and keep moving forward in that direction.

From Open Bible.

… I hope these words reach you, encourage and strengthen you as needed. Until next time, take care. Xx