Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion… Video repost: a medical perspective.

I stumbled across this on YouTube, a medical perspective on Jesus’ crucifixion and suffering… I won’t say too much because this needs to be watched. We know he suffered but the extent of his suffering, for me was never fully understood until it was broken down in this. I’m incredibly empathetic and have a very low pain threshold in general and this made me see how physically agonising this would have been for Jesus – my heart broke and tears were shed at how he suffered… And for us… It’s a timely reminder as we near Easter… it’s another reminder of the magnitude of His sacrifice – in sacrificing His life; Jesus was blameless and innocent and endured great shame, suffering and agonising torture… It still blows my mind, that he endured that for us – He gave his life and suffered for us, for our sins, our mistakes, our brokenness. There really is no greater love than the love and sacrifice of Jesus… (My heart aches for Him.)

Thank you Father God, for sending your only begotten son into the world. Thank you for His light, his love and his life. Thank you for your mercy and grace. I’m sorry Lord, that you suffered an excruciating death – you took on my sin and brokenness and died in my place… And by your blood I am made whole… And even in your death you were obiendient and knew God had a plan. Thank you father God for raising Jesus from the dead, for allowing Him to live and move amongst us in spirit. We have not been forsaken… And I know I could not do this life without you. My heart is yours, today, tomorrow and into eternity. Nothing and no-one can separate me from you. In your glorious name I pray, amen, amen and amen.

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